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Saving Money and the Environment | Eco Partner Solutions


As the need for sustainability in our world today grows rapidly, we aim to work continuously to connect businesses of all sizes with emerging solutions that simultaneously support environmental initiatives and economic growth. 

About Eco Partner Solutions


Eco Partner Solutions was created as a consulting company to hold true to the vision of cause and cost; connecting clients with leading energy solutions that save them money while also helping the environment. Eco Partner Solutions is a fully owned subsidiary of Eco Development. As the company continues to grow, Eco Partner Solutions will continue to bring innovative solutions to meet our clients needs

Our Consulting Services

There is great value in clean surroundings. We have access to cutting-edge cleaning products that allow customers to live in healthy environments and breathe clean air.

The demand for renewable energy is growing, and solar energy is one of the most resourceful options. We have the tools to provide customers with solar panels containing superior technology at low costs.

Clean transportation leads to a clean environment. Hydrogen fuel reduces emissions and cleans engines while maintaining great fuel efficiency. We aim to give our customers access to fuel that is cost and environmentally friendly.

Repurposing plastic cleans the world around us. Utilizing an advanced system, we have the power to turn post-consumer plastics into quality and cost-effective building material.

Mindful energy usage protects the environment and brings savings. We provide our customers with dynamic and energy efficient lighting retrofits that also enhance clean air.

Our Partners

Toledo Solar

100% Made in the U.S.A.

Contact Eco Partner Solutions

Chris Lazuta, Director of Business Development -

Phone: 513-833-7522 


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