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Increasing lighting efficiency provides a direct and effective way for businesses to reduce operating costs. Other benefits of our LED lighting projects include improved safety and security, enhanced aesthetics, meeting sustainability goals and projecting a forward-looking brand image, as well as ultimately leading to increased productivity as our lighting customers provide a well-lit work environment.

Eco can provide you with sustainable and innovative solutions whether it be in your storage warehouse, manufacturing facility, retail location, or on the exterior of your building. All of our site analysis and project design is conducted in-house.


Our LED lighting upgrades typically save customers over 60% on their existing lighting costs, while reducing future maintenance costs.

Through financing, virtually all of our projects can be offered cash flow positive from their inception!

Brighter solutions | Better efficiency  


Eco offers customized financing solutions with most of its proposals.  They can be tailored to the liquidity needs of each project or customer.  We work with you to eliminate the impact of “upfront costs” by virtue of competitive financing weighed against the efficiency benefits of each project.

Eco works closely with customers to update their building envelope to achieve additional savings and improve efficiencies. The superstructure of your building can benefit from upgrades, such as new roofing, insulation, windows, day lighting and rooftop solar systems. Our building envelope solutions transform buildings into cutting-edge facilities without sacrificing utility, comfort, performance, and certainly not efficiency.  



Other financial benefits that Eco offers on many of its projects are accelerated depreciation and capacity rights registration.  Registered projects can be depreciated in the first year up to $100% of their cost.  Therefore many facilities-based capital costs can be characterized as expenses.  Some projects can also qualify for Capacity Rights discounts through the PJM.    


Eco Development conducts projects and provides solutions to a wide range of customers and clients nationwide.Whether you are a single location, privately-owned business or a Fortune 500 company, we are committed to an individualized approach based upon your requirements and objectives.  

Exterior Sports Lighting: Before & After Drone Footage

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