Make a sustainable impact on your business

Waste-to-Energy (WtE), involves producing heat to generate electricity by recovering the energy contained in liquid or solid waste. Customers can avoid landfill disposal and gain the benefit of energy recovery using WtE technology. Through proper blending of hazardous waste streams and materials that are acceptable for disposal, Thermal Units (BTUs) can be maximized to create a master blend. The blending process allows more materials to meet the acceptance criteria for incineration. To turn your waste into energy please contact us today. 


Anaerobic Digestion is a series of biological processes that breakdown biodegradable material using microorganisms that produce a combustible bio gas. This bio gas is burned to generate electricity and can be processed into renewable natural gas. Eco Development can collect your food waste, FOG (fats, oils, greases), wastewater solids, and manures and turn it into renewable energy. Please contact us about recycling your waste.


Eco is involved in all facets of project development and delivery. We work with clients to customize building solutions to fit their needs. Whether we are acting as your representative or building a new project to your specifications—we take your project and your trust seriously. Our customers value our approach, as we treat every project as our own.