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Eco successfully sources and trades an assortment of materials in a number of foreign and domestic markets. Eco’s team is comprised of experienced professionals with access to both buying materials and selling them to a wide assortment of end-users worldwide. 


Suppliers and buyers get adaptive services that meet their specific needs giving them a much-needed edge in present day competitive markets.  Due to Eco’s service record, we've established strong, long -term relationships with many suppliers and buyers.





Eco provides services dedicated to both intermittent and ongoing recycling and waste management programs. Waste materials or by-products are pulled from the waste stream (costs) and, instead recycled for revenue back to the customer.  It is routine that Eco garners value from materials currently being landfilled.

Eco assesses the waste stream and then proposes solutions for reducing waste and managing the disposal of the waste or by-product. Sometimes materials from these sources are transported to Eco’s dedicated facility for processing or docking. Companies are provided with full-scale monthly reporting and Environmental Impact Reports, which quantify sustainability efforts. 


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​Plainly stated, we buy almost anything that has a secondary use or that can be recycled.  This includes most papers, plastics, EPS, and metals, but also can include the "strange and unusual."  In many cases, we have successfully turned problematic or costly waste into low cost or even income-producing recyclables.


Eco has also become adept at introducing programs to effectively deal with liquid waste and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) Material.  In some cases BOD can even be turned into energy through the process of anaerobic digesting.  Please call us if you have an inquiry. Click here to see a list of some of the more common items that we purchase and recycle.


Eco utilizes multiple recycling facilities where materials are sorted, cross-docked, processed, baled, and organized for shipping or export.  Having dedicated facilities enables Eco to provide plant servicing for a wide array of businesses, while maximizing the value of the materials. Our facility operations also affords Eco the capability to divert the “strange and unusual” waste items from landfill, while alternative recycling strategies are explored.  Operating our own recycling facilities provides a greater value proposition to our customers. 

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