Eco's EPS/Styrofoam Recyling Process

Comsumer Drop Off Program

Eco is successfully running Ohio's first Styrofoam/EPS Consumer Drop Off Program. The designated drop-off center is a 3-sided building located in back of Eco Development's Mason, OH Recycling Plant. The Plant address is listed below.


Eco Drop-Off Center

4219 US State Route 42 (Back Docks)

Mason Ohio 45040


In rear of the building (North side parking lot).  Look for the big green sign mounted on the chain link fence.

If you are interested in dropping off Styrofoam/EPS please make sure you are following the guidelines listed below: 

  • No Food/Food Containers 

  • No Stickers 

  • No Tape

  • Must be in Clear Plastic Bags

  • Must be Clean


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Commercial Styrofoam Accounts

Recycling Styrofoam/EPS is beneficial for the environment and your bottom line. It is one of the most problematic and costly materials that routinely is landfilled. Customers who recycle their foam through Eco, typically reduce their waste expense by over 50% and in some case earn rebates for their materials.


Eco will also send Environmental Impact Reports at the end of each month detailing the total amount of material recycled and how that positively affects the environment.  

To find out more information about recycling your materials, please contact T.J. Butler at or by phone 513-833-1751.